Amazing Opportunity to Make a Double Impact EIN #45-5309302

We are blessed to have a long-time, loving donor to offer a $250,000 1 to 1 matching opportunity, and we need to raise an additional $250,000 in the next five months to restart hospice care as planned.

Heart of Hope's California hospice license is currently on voluntary suspension and must be reopened by the end of July of next year or we will lose our license to practice. Once disqualified, a new license must be applied for. Due to the varying quality of hospice agencies and there have been many abuses of health care resources in recent years, the state of California is working on a regulation that may be passed next year – to suspend the issue of license for the next few years. So after prayerfully seeking God's heart, the board passed a motion to prepare to restart a full range of hospice services no later than April or May of next year. We need to raise $500,000 to cover the cost of medical staffing after the resumption of services until we are re-qualified by the Federal Medical Agency to receive medical benefits, which will take about six months to a year to review.

Finally, we urge our Chinese friends to join us in supporting Hope for the End of Life Care Ministry by contributing what you can to help raise the $500,000 needed to restart hospice care within the next five months. Thank you for your support!

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Faith and Peace - Announcement of Resolutions on Future Development of the Heart of Hope Asian American Hospice Care (2020/9/30)

Dear friends of Heart of Hope Asian American Hospice Care,

I once saw a painting titled Faith and Peace. In that painting, a mother bird was nestled in the nest with a few unhatched eggs, resting peacefully. The bird’s nest is placed on a rock just jutting out of the surface of the deep water. And beside the rock is a waterfall, rushing down beside it.

Important Community Announcement (2020/8/4)

Dear friends of “Heart of Hope Asian American Hospice Care”:

We have all been experiencing unprecedented difficult times since the beginning of March: the coronavirus inflicted social unrest, causing ups and downs in our emotions, and the tension from racial injustice that impacted the entire nation. We have only one wish, that you all are staying peaceful and safe. . .

This letter not only brings our sincere greetings, but also updates to our friends who care about Heart of Hope.

COVID-19 Important Notice (Updated)

With the coronavirus inflicted social unrest, causing ups and downs in our emotions, and the California Executive Order that mandates shelter-in-place, Heart of Hope is dedicated to continue providing the following free services to our Asian communities: consultations in caring for critically ill and end-of-life patients and their families; bereavement support and counseling; community resource referral; and spiritual care hotline. You may contact us at 408-986-8584 during our office hours from 9.00am through 5.00pm PST, Monday through Friday.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision:
We strive to enable the terminally ill patients to live with dignity and comfort in an atmosphere in which life can be completed with maximum independence, comfort, compassion, and dignity in the final phase.

Set Sails of Love

Pasted on the bulletin board in the office of Heart of Hope where thank-you letters are posted is an offering of a $50 check made payable to “x Volunteer.” This non-negotiable check tells of a moving story of friendship between a telephone care volunteer and a sick and poor single parent….

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Nationwide toll-free telephone hotline 1-888-663-8585 to provide emotional support for seriously ill patients and their family caregivers
A group of trained and supervised Mandarin- or Cantonese-speaking volunteers provide compassionate listening ears to patients with serious illness and their caregivers. This free hotline service is available during the office hours (Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm).

Nationwide telephone conference in Mandarin for health-related education
A nationwide toll-free teleconference (presented in Mandarin) for Chinese patients with serious illnesses and their family caregivers is scheduled on the third Thursday of every month, 6-7 pm (Pacific Time). Registered callers can learn about elderly care, serious illnesses and related issues at the comfort of their homes. Each teleconference includes a 35-minute presentation by an expert of the subject and a 20-minute Q&A session for callers to interact with the speaker.

Rainbow Cancer Support Group

Purpose: Through sharing of personal experience, video watching, practicing communication skills, discussion of cancer-related information, and other creative activities, Rainbow Support Group seeks to provide emotional and spiritual support to people with breast or gynecologic cancers, whether they are in treatment or recovery. Group members will receive mutual encouragement and comfort to face their own struggles and challenges.

Target group: Females with breast or gynecologic cancers (such as cervical, ovarian, uterine, and vaginal). All patients in treatment, in remission, or in late stage (still self-dependent) are welcome; Date: March 2018 -  January 2019 (3rd Wed of the month) Time: 10:30am -12:30pm; Location: Heart of Hope Asian American Hospice Care, 1922 The Alameda, Suite 215, San Jose, CA 95126 (Parking entrance by McKendrie St, accessible by VTA bus #22)

Registration: Call 1-408-986-8584 to register in advance