Bereavement Support

The HHAAHC Bereavement Department is a free resource to the entire community. Regardless of whether your loved one is or was a hospice patient. Our mission is to provide comfort, encouragement and support, and to facilitate growth as one adjusts to life after a significant loss. There is no charge for bereavement services. The bereavement services offered by HHAAHC include the following:

Pre-Bereavement Individual and Family Unit Support –
Pre-bereavement support helps prepare family and friends for the loss of a loved one. Through home visit or phone contact, HHAAHC personnel will maintain contact with family and caregivers during normal office hour to provide emotional support and empathetic listening, and to provide education about loss and grief.

Correspondence –
HHAAHC will send grief related material, including condolence card and bereavement letters to the bereaved family members or primary care giver at defined intervals for 13 months following the death of a patient. Greeting /encouragement cards may be sent to the bereaved for some special occasions such as the first Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, anniversary, etc. after patient’s death.

Post-Death Bereavement Individual and Family Unit Counseling –
HHAAHC offers up to 3-session pre-scheduled free counseling meetings in the office following patient’s death. After the 3 counseling meetings, if the bereaved would like to receive continuing support, a trained grief support volunteer may be assigned to follow up through regular phone contacts. If continuing professional counseling is deemed necessary or requested by the bereaved, HHAAHC will refer the bereaved to available community counseling resources as appropriate.

Telephone Grief Support (TGS) –
An empathetic listening ear makes it easy for the bereaved to open their heart and share their grief and loss. HHAAHC’s grief support volunteer is trained to stand by the bereaved and comfort them during the tough season. TGS is provided during normal office hours, and the frequency will be decided based on the need of the bereaved. This service can continue as needed till the end of the 13-month bereavement service.

Memorial Services –
HHAAHC may hold memorial services once per year. The purpose of this service is to give the family members and staff an opportunity to celebrate the lives and honor the memories of loved ones who have died while being served by the hospice.

Grief Journey Support Group –
Sharing grief and loss with people who have experienced it makes the grief journey less lonely. Connecting with people who have gone through the similar situation will facilitate coping skill and healing. Each season, HHAAHC may hold a 6- weeks Grief Journey Support Group to the bereaved adults. See other support groups.

Coordination with Other Community Resources –
HHAAHC personnel may coordinate with local community resources for the provision of bereavement support to meet the needs of the bereaved. HHAAHC will provide coordination for addressing needs that cannot be met by the hospice by referring those with complicated bereavement to additional counseling services or community agencies as needed.