California End of Life Option Act

In 2016, End of Life Act became effective in California. By law, the organization provides the End of Life Act information and resources for the public and patients’ reference. The following is the most updated information & resources regarding the law. Please see the following link from California Department of Public Health.

Heart of Hope Asian American Hospice Care, A Nonprofit Corporation, anchored in God’s love, compassion and professionalism, values life and will not act in any manner to hasten the dying process. Our primary responsibility is to provide quality hospice care and support to our patients and families/caregivers. Upon request by our patient about end-of-life option, we will provide information and a referral to a participating physician and/or other resources. The organization’s physicians will not be able to prescribe the aid-in-dying drug, nor will the staff be able to be present during the time the patient self-administers the aid-in-dying drug.

If a patient chooses to exercise their right under the End of Life Option Act, the organization will continue to provide hospice care and services concurrently and will also provide pre-and-post bereavement support for the family and caregivers. Patients and family can feel free to discuss their needs and concerns with the organization’s staff regarding End of Life Option Act.

For End of Life Option Act related resources, please see the link