Heart of Hope Hospice End-of-Life Care Community Education Webinar Series

“Comforting your mind, body and Spirit with Love in the Midst of Turmoil”

After a very difficult three years, the spread of the new epidemic and the uncertainty of its development have made many people realize that just because the Chinese culture has avoided talking about serious illness and death in the past, it does not mean that these things will never come. Because of the lack of access to information and resources, many people are beginning to feel uneasy and anxious as the world is shrouded in the uncertainty of the epidemic. Let's take a proactive approach to recognizing that one day in our lives we are bound to face the very thing, the most important moment for ourselves or our families.

Perhaps five, ten, twenty, or more years from now, at some unknown time, these messages will serve as a source of help and comfort to us and our families as we face the challenges of serious illness and death.

This series of webinar is available in multiple languages (Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Vietnamese) with simultaneous online translation. You are welcome to forward this email to your friends who speak these languages.

Organizer: Heart of Hope Asian American Hospice Care
Co-Sponsor: Luke Christian Medical Mission
Date and Time: • North American (US and Canada)
    2/4, 2/11, 2/18, 2/25 and 3/4 (5 Saturdays)
  10:30am-12:30pm (US Pacific Time)
  • Asia Time (Beijing/Taipei/Malaysia/Singapore/Hong Kong)
    2/5, 2/12, 2/19, 2/26 and 3/5 (5 Sundays)
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Introduction of each session below:

Session 1: 2/4/2023 (Saturday) How the U.S. Healthcare System Implements End-of-Life Care - "Hospice"

Speaker Ms. Blanche Chen
When it’s finally time to take the last mile of my life, I want to live and leave with dignity, not with tubes all over my body or in an ICU barely surviving a few more days on equipment. I want to be able to eat a bite or two of my favorite food when I'm hungry, and smile at the people who care for me when I wake up. If I have pain or discomfort, I can get relief without wasting time going in and out of the hospital. I wish I had someone to help me and my family with emotional support and spiritual care of this process and companionship to walk through the grief of my loss. This is my wish list, is there such a thing as medical care?

Session 2: 2/11/2023 (Sat) Physical Care and Caregiving of the Critically Ill/Terminally Ill

Presenter: Ms. Pauline Nee
Presented on the challenges of managing physical symptoms in hospice care of critically/terminally ill patients. The presentation will help to understand how to manage pain and common symptoms, medication as the disease progresses, and the common misunderstandings among patients/families in the care of patients, and to establish proper understanding and appropriate care.

Session 3: 2/18/2023 (Sat) Psychosocial needs and care for the Critically Ill/Finally Ill and their Families

Speaker: Ms. Blanche Chen
This session focuses on understanding the emotional and psychosocial difficulties experienced by the patients with critical/terminal illnesses, their families and caregivers, such as anxiety, fear, anger, grief, despair and difficulty of letting go. Therefore, one can know how to provide appropriate care and support with the right attitude and methods to accompany the suffering person through the valley of the shadow of death.

Session 4: 2/25/2023 (Sat) The Importance of Spiritual Care in the Care of the Critically/Terminally Ill

Speaker: Rev. Joseph Choi
This session focuses on the spiritual struggles and doubts of the critically ill/terminal patients in facing the ultimate issues of life, exploring and seeking the final destination of spiritual life, and how to achieve spiritual peace and strength.

Session 5: 3/4/2023(Sat) Grieving with those who Grieve - Loss and Bereavement Care

Speaker: Ms. Blanche Chen
After the death of a patient, the loved ones left behind feel a deep sense of loss and grief. The loss of these loved ones has a tremendous impact on the health, psychology and life of the individual. The bereaved often ask how long it will take to get over the loss, to stop feeling the grief, to return to normal life, to turn a new page in life, and to feel the joy and strength of living again. Let us enter the loss of the bereaved, understand how they experience loss and grief, and walk with them through their grief in love.

Speaker Profile

Rev. Joseph Choi – Professional Hospice Care Pastoral Care

Ms. Pauline Nee – Doctoral in Nursing, Senior Oncology/Hospice Nurse, co-author of End of Life Care book "Waving Goodbye in Love" in Chinese, English, Vietnamese and Korean.

Ms. Blanche Chen- Founder of Heart of Hope Asian American Hospice Care, Senior Hospice Social Worker, California Licensed Social Worker/Psychotherapist, published the end-of-life care book "Waving Goodbye in Love" in Chinese, English, Vietnamese, and Korean; published the audiobook "Healing grief in Love" for loss and grief counseling.