Important Community Announcement (2020/8/4)

Dear friends of “Heart of Hope Asian American Hospice Care”:

We have all been experiencing unprecedented difficult times since the beginning of March: the coronavirus inflicted social unrest, causing ups and downs in our emotions, and the tension from racial injustice that impacted the entire nation. We have only one wish, that you all are staying peaceful and safe. . .

This letter not only brings our sincere greetings, but also updates to our friends who care about Heart of Hope.

Since the outbreak of the pandemics, hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities have adopted extreme measures to protect and insulate their residents from visitors and even families. These precautions have greatly hampered Heart of Hope’s outreach and referral opportunities. Without personal interactions with patients and their families to introduce our services, Heart of Hope was not able to sustain its operations due to abating admissions. At the same time, coronavirus also triggered economic downturn and escalated unemployment, which ultimately impacted Heart of Hope’s major source of income - community giving.

We want to thank all supporters who donated to Heart of Hope in the past. We are committed to continue being a good steward of the remaining Heart of Hope operating funds, and use it wisely and effectively to benefit our communities in other outreach and service projects. Therefore, the Board of Directors decided to suspend our physical hospice care (i.e. to stop providing medical care services for end-of-life patients). We are also preparing to report our hospice suspension to the California licensing authority.

For the past few years Heart of Hope has worked through the necessary pains of a hospice start-up, God has provided empirical evidence showing us a new direction that He is leading us to.

We believe when we submit ourselves to God, we can overcome the predicament to accomplish a more profound impact in serving our Asian communities, patients, and their families with end-of-life cares. As soon as our Board of Directors determines the strategic direction and care transition plans, we will reach out again and communicate these plans to you.

Once again, to all the good friends who care about Heart of Hope, with anticipation of our new service program, please remember and support us with your blessings. Meanwhile, Heart of Hope is continuing to provide the following free services to our Asian communities: consultations in caring for critically ill and end-of-life patients and their families; bereavement support and counseling; community resource referral; and spiritual care hotline.

Thank you for your encouragement, understanding, and patience in walking with us and cheering for us during this difficult season.

In love, we serve each other!

Heart of Hope Asian American Hospice Care
August 4, 2020

National Critical Care Hotline 1-888-663-8585 (Monday to Friday 9am -5pm Pacific Time)