Amazing Opportunity to Make a Double Impact EIN #45-5309302

We are blessed to have a long-time, loving donor to offer a $250,000 1 to 1 matching opportunity, and we need to raise an additional $250,000 in the next five months to restart hospice care as planned.

Heart of Hope's California hospice license is currently on voluntary suspension and must be reopened by the end of July of next year or we will lose our license to practice. Once disqualified, a new license must be applied for. Due to the varying quality of hospice agencies and there have been many abuses of health care resources in recent years, the state of California is working on a regulation that may be passed next year – to suspend the issue of license for the next few years. So after prayerfully seeking God's heart, the board passed a motion to prepare to restart a full range of hospice services no later than April or May of next year. We need to raise $500,000 to cover the cost of medical staffing after the resumption of services until we are re-qualified by the Federal Medical Agency to receive medical benefits, which will take about six months to a year to review.

Finally, we urge our Chinese friends to join us in supporting Hope for the End of Life Care Ministry by contributing what you can to help raise the $500,000 needed to restart hospice care within the next five months. Thank you for your support!

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