Faith and Peace - Announcement of Resolutions on Future Development of the Heart of Hope Asian American Hospice Care (2020/9/30)

Dear friends of Heart of Hope Asian American Hospice Care,

I once saw a painting titled Faith and Peace. In that painting, a mother bird was nestled in the nest with a few unhatched eggs, resting peacefully. The bird’s nest is placed on a rock just jutting out of the surface of the deep water. And beside the rock is a waterfall, rushing down beside it.

In the beginning of August, in the previous announcement letter to the community, we reported to everyone that the Heart of Hope Hospice Asian American Hospice Care has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic since March. In order to preserve Heart of Hope’s limited operating funds to be used more appropriately in these uncertain times, the Board of Directors has made a resolution to temporarily suspend the medical services part for hospice care patients. At the same time, the Board of Directors will continue to monitor the development of the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic situation of the organization, the needs of the community, and carefully consider the future direction and development of Heart of Hope. And yet, after we officially suspended the medical services part of our hospice care, we received many caring responses from many friends in our community. Many people stated that since we have overcome so much hardship in establishing a non-profit professional hospice organization for end-of-life care for Chinese and Asians they hope that we would not change our original vision or intentions. They hope that we could continue to serve, to take care of and accompany those in the Chinese/Asian community who are challenged with serious or terminal illnesses, and to help the families through their experiences in their difficult times.

We carefully and cautiously listened to the encouragement and expectations of these community friends and supporters. After nearly two months of careful consideration, the Board of Directors deeply understood the importance of caring for Chinese/Asian friends at their end of life stages, especially in this turbulent world and environment. We must not let our Chinese/Asian friends lose this rare resource of care. Therefore, we have decided to stick to our original intention and firm the direction of Heart of Hope to provide hospice care. At this moment, due to severe financial shortages, we cannot continue to maintain a large professional medical team's expenses, and have to suspend some services for patients' physical and medical care. However, all other professional end-of-life care services provided by Heart of Hope to the community have not been affected, and they are provided free of charge. At the same time, other services will be gradually added and expanded. Recently, Heart of Hope and the Department of Nursing of San Francisco State University jointly organized a series of online life care seminars, "Settling the body, mind, and soul with love in the midst of turmoil." In this unprecedented time filled with anxiety and confusion about life and the future due to COVID-19 pandemic, it brought comfort and care to many participants. The event was highly well-received. Even though Heart of Hope is experiencing difficulties and challenges, the love of Christ still encourages us to realize our responsibilities in the suffering of others. We will continue to do our best and continue to care and serve the community with the most diligent attitude. At the same time, how to conduct fundraising activities in order to restore a full range of hospice professional care services as soon as possible will be the next most important goal for Heart of Hope.

In addition, the chairman of the Board of Directors of Heart of Hope and several directors who have worked hard on the Board for many years to help lead the development of the organization will leave the Board at the end of this year after seven years of service. It is because of their hard work that Heart of Hope has been able to persist in serving the community despite many challenges in the development process. Due to the suspension of the medical service part of our care, some administrative staff and clinical medical staff must temporarily leave Heart of Hope. It is because of their persistence in the quality of their work and their love and professional dedication to patients, that our seriously ill friends could get the best hospice care. The volunteers of Heart of Hope have made selfless sacrifices and offering consistently along our way. They will continue to walk with Heart of Hope in these difficult circumstances and will provide even broader and deeper services to the community. Here, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to these partners who have worked with us together so far, and to our incoming partners in the future!

Just like the situation in that painting, although the surrounding environment is rushing and tumultuous, life is still safe. All dear friends who care about and support Heart of Hope, the love of Christ has given Heart of Hope faith and peace, and your reminders and encouragement have given us courage and purpose to continue to serve and work hard to provide hospice care to end of life Chinese/Asian patients. The special life care service that Heart of Hope is engaged in requires the recognition and support of you and more friends in the Chinese/Asian community. Once again, please introduce the various services of Heart of Hope to your Chinese and Asian friends everywhere, so that critically ill and end-of-life patients and their families, as well as friends who have experienced bereavement and grief, can be get professional assistance from Heart of Hope even before our nursing service resumes. The following are the various free professional community services, for your reference. Please share with your friends.

Thank you for being with us all the way in the past. Thank you for your understanding and tolerance of our difficult situation at this time. Thank you for continuing to cheer for us with confidence and walk with us. We serve you with love, and you support us with your love!

Your Sincerely,
Blanche Weishan Chan
Founder of Heart of Hope Asian American Hospice Care